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100% Wool

ONE SIZE (OVERSIZED) Large Women’s XL Men’s

Retains Shape & Resistant to Wrinkling

Wool is an incredibly elastic fiber thanks to its coil-like structure. Stretch your wool sweater and it has the tendency to stubbornly jolt right back to its constructed form. It is the natural crimp that resides in the fiber that gives it this great springy ability. Wool can be stretched up to 50% when wet (30% when dry) and still bounce back to its original shape.


Looking for something sturdy? Its flexibility also makes it more durable, making it less likely to tear. In fact, wool fiber is 7 times stronger than cotton and 10 times stronger than silk.  Thanks to the structure of the wool fiber, the outer skin acts as a protective film, making it more resistant to abrasion.

Renewable & Sustainable

Wool is a sustainable, renewable resource that has been shorn from sheep annually for thousands of years of human existence. The fiber, yarn, and garments created from it are biodegradable and are therefore kinder to the environment than oil-based synthetics.