About Us

Meet Rocky! A main man behind ASHBY manufacturing company in East London.

Passionate about the British clothing industry with over 25 years of manufacturing experience Rocky has worked with the likes of Burberry, Betty Jackson, Eley Kishimoto, YMC, MOHSIN, to name a few.

Extremely bubbly, with a love for a good banter and a cuppa, Rocky was thrilled that his garments will travel ‘as far’ as Australia 🇦🇺

We are so lucky to have you Rocky!

ASHBY is a Melbourne based brand founded and designed by England born Amy-Eliza Wilkinson.

Inspired by an England old school classic men’s sleeveless trench coat and a desire to create an affordable quality piece that will instantly add an effortlessly stylish touch to men’s basic everyday looks ASHBY was born.

Together with a strong focus on craftsmanship, sustainable labor practices and carefully sourced materials ASHBY first limited-edition men’s sleeveless trench coat was designed.

ASHBY is 100% sourced, manufactured and created in East London.


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